parrotlet is weak and wont eat.

We are a new breeder of Parrotlets. This was our pairs first clutch and she hatched five babies. All have done great and we have found home for all of them. The last one is 8 weeks old and has been weaned for about a week now. He just went to his new home Thursday and today the guy called me to say the baby was to weak to even stand up and wouldn't eat. He got some formula and fed it but is there any advice I can give him. He was eating great and in perfect health when he got him Thursday.

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Aug 15, 2011
Weak parrotlet just weaned
by: Tracie

Linda, a nice lady that used to be a breeder, answers questions here and will answer this better than me I am sure.

Some birds revert back to needing to be hand fed when they leave the security of where they were raised to a new home, in my experience. Like I said, Linda has breeding experience, and hopefully she will be able to give advice on how to avoid this.

When I purchased my first parrotlet, this happened to me. The breeder didn't tell me to watch to make sure it was eating, and the bird almost died. You might have to keep the bird an extra week after you think it is weaned or something.

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