This is Jennifer’s Pacific Parrotlet pictures and story.

As an owner/breeder of pacific parrotlets, she has great insight and understanding.

Pacific Parrotlet by Jennifer

I love parrotlets. They chatter and chirp, but they are never loud or disruptive. They entertain me for hours at a time. Having parrotlets is like having a pet monkey. They are great acrobats and act like little clowns. They love their toys and they love to eat.

I now breed and rescue parrotlets. I recently rescued a little hen that plucks her own feathers. I'm hoping I can give her a happier, healthier home. Even if her feathers don't grow back, I still think she's a pretty girl and she loves it when I play with her.

Even my rescues and untamed breeders are appreciative of my attention and love it when I talk to them and feed them treats.


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