Parrotlet scratches eye till it bleeds

by Ivette

I have an old parrotlet that I took in from my aunt since she couldn't take care of him anymore. The bird is pretty aggressive and doesn't get along with anyone besides me. He'll bite and attack anyone that gets too close.

Today I come home and let him out of his cage to find his right eye bleeding and he keeps scratching it. He gets antsy and anxious when he's locked in his cage for a while I don't know whether it's a behavioral problem since he's a bit aggressive or what.

Other than that, the only health problem he's had is that he's overweight.

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Aug 03, 2011
Parrotlet scratching eye
by: Tracie

Thanks for writing, but Dr B can't help without examining your bird to determine why it is scratching it's eye. If your bird doesn't bathe in water, then it may be as simple as something in it's eye, but it could be an infection too.

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