parrotlet surrogate

by Sheree
(New York)

can a canary raise a parrotlet .my parrotlets will not sit on the egss they destroy them or bury them , can I put them with my canary eggs to hatch out

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Jan 26, 2011
They will sit on them, but
by: Jay

I did a college animal behavior class reserch project on canary nesting behavior. I did experiments placing 20 canary eggs in the nest, and they still sat on them. I also placed cockatiel eggs in the canary nest and they sat on them. For the experiment, I used non-fertile eggs, just to test their nesting drive. I did not take it to the next step to see if they would hatch or care for another species of bird, because that would not of been a moral thing to do.
The incubation process involes turning the eggs, and it would be questionable wether a canary could properly incubate an egg that is much larger than it's own.
Secondly,a canary has a much different diet than a parrotlet, so they would probably not be able to meet their nutitional needs, even if it was physically possible.
I'd say not to risk the lives of the canary , and the lives of the birds in the eggs, just to find out.
Buy an incubator, and be prepared to take care of the eggs as they are being incubated and be prepared to care for the new born birds - neither of which is easy.

Jan 25, 2011
parrotlet surrogate
by: Linda

First you have to find out if eggs are fertile or clear. Take them out of nestbox one at a time, hold up a bright light, like a flashlight behind each one, and if you see a shadow inside the egg, then they are fertile. If the light shines clean through with no shadow of any kind, they are clear and infertile. You can just throw the clear eggs away or leave them a while if hen will not break them open and actually sits.

For the fertile ones, you may try this with the canary, but I don't know if she will sit on them. Once the eggs hatch, the canary will not be able to take care of them adequately. Baby parrots need baby parrot handfeeding formula fed using a syringe or pipette for the really tiny newborns. The newborns have to be fed every two hours, and not sure if they need to eat during the night. Usually baby birds sleep until early morning hours like 5 or 6 if their last meal was late enough the night before. I'd suggest you talk all this over with your Avian Vet once you find out if the eggs are fertile or not.

You may also need to take your parrotlet pair in to be examined which we always recommend before any breeding. Infections will be transmitted to the babies, and then your canary may also get sick. The canary may also refuse to sit on the eggs if they are a different color than hers.

Call your Avian Vet, make appointment for both parrotlets to see if their health is one of the reasons they are not sitting on the eggs. If the hen is very young, then she does not need to even have a nestbox in there until she matures some. Parrot who are too young can die in egg binding though this does not sound like she is having problems laying the eggs.

The other problem with some parrots is if they have been taken from the nest or hatched out with incubator and raised only by humans, they do not know they are birds as they imprint on humans. This causes a lot of problems when people want to breed this kind of bird because they literally do not know what they are nor how to sit on eggs or feed babies if they hatch.This incubator hatching is common with commercial breeders who want the money as quickly as possible with no regard for bird's life later on.

Let us know what the Avian Vet has to say about your birds and keep us posted on the outcome.


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