parrotlet toes bitten off

my female parrotlet just bit off 2 toes from my male parrotlet.I stopped the bleeding but if I quit holding him then he starts picking at the toes and they start bleeding again.Is there anything else I can do? i've been up for hrs.

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Sep 12, 2011
parrotlet toes bitten off
by: Linda

Also, get these birds into separate cages immediately. Anytime you see one bird hurting another, it should be your first thought to get them away from each other.

Hopefully your bird is going to be okay, but will be killed if he's left with the female.


Sep 11, 2011
Parrotlet with toes bitten off
by: Tracie

I think you are the same person, but just in case, please Find an Avian Vet right away for your bird. We can't help the bird over the Internet. You are doing the best you can, but the bird needs a vet ASAP.

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