by Amanda

I have a male and female parrotlet and they mated i was just wondering if she will lay eggs and what should i do for her ? if you could help that would be great thank you . Amanda

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Jul 23, 2009
keep her happy
by: Anonymous

if you have in mid a responsible thing to do with the babys then breeding should go well but she will be moody and stressed give her space but dont forget her and get her a dietary stress supplement it helps good luck with your birds and the babys :)

Sep 26, 2008
Thanks anywaysd
by: Anonymous

Actually as for being unwanted they are very much wanted by someone and my question was to have to not have them to mate but thanks for you opinion anyways

Sep 05, 2008
Do not encourage breeding
by: Tracie

In my opinion there are enough unwanted birds available for people to adopt. You are obviously not a breeder and do not have experience, so why encourage breeding?

You can't keep them from mating without separating them, so I would suggest that you do not put in a breeding box or material that would encourage nest building.

If you reduce the amount of light hours it is possible that they will get out of breeding mode.

Sep 03, 2008
Mating Parrolets
by: Kralice4u

There is a big possibility that she will lay fertilized eggs.
Then she may not.If not now-then later if the two are mating. It would be a good idea to buy them a small hatching box to put in their cage. I have put pieces of burlap in the cage and my mating pairs have lined their cages with it. You may want to cut yard and put it in the cage for them to use. I have seen some people shred pieces of news paper for them to use. It has been my experience when I have bought little pre-made nests that the mating pair did not use it.
Normally birds will raise their own. They will feed the hatchlings themselves.I would not suggest handling them unless you have the intensions of selling them. Then it is a good idea to remove them at a certain time and begin to feed it baby bird formula. I will not go into depth as it is not time for that. Should they lay eggs and they hatch, it would be good to write back to the site for questions. In the meantime do a google search and learn as much as you can about Parrolets and the care of their babies.

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