Parrotlets, Cheryl shares her point of view from a Parrotlet Breeder viewpoint

Blue Parrotlets Picture / Photo

The Parrotlets are cousins to the Amazon. Oh yes, they think they are big but they are such a nice size. I absolutely love them.

They are very smart and playful and their chirps make me giggle, literally. To me they sound like baby birds. It is such a sweet and innocent sound. I love to listen to them. Even when there is a whole flock, their singing is so totally bearable. It's like a summer morning everyday.

They are not to be underestimated because of their small size. Treat them as if they were an Amazon and you will have an awesome parrot.

Mine are very curious, playful, and they love their toys. I change them once in awhile to keep them stimulated. I am always learning with my birds and there is never a dull moment between learning and being entertained.

My birds are not just breeders but they are my love, my pride and my joy. I breed for the love of them not the riches.

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