Parrotlets with Owl Finches?

by M F

A friend wants to know if he can house a pair of parrotlets with owl finches...?

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May 13, 2011
Bourke parakeets are OK with Owl Finches
by: Anonymous

I think it's generally accepted that Bourkies are very peaceful birds, and work well with several types of finches. We've had ours in a cage with an owl finch, a zebra finch, and a star finch for a long time -- completely without incident. In fact, I've even observed the Bourkie preening the Owl!!

Jul 10, 2010
Parrotlets with Owl Finches?
by: Linda

No, he cannot house those two species together. It is ALWAYS a good rule to follow to keep same species together in one area to avoid fighting and death to one or the other of the species of birds. So, finches with finches, canaries with canaries, parrots with same species of parrot and so on.

I know you MAY see some different species of bird together in a zoo setting, and these aviaries are huge with plenty of room for the smaller, weaker species to get away from or hide from the larger more aggressive ones. In fact, I cannot remember an instance where this happens anyway. It is common practice to keep same with same to avoid many issues. Even with same and same, you have to be careful to NOT OVERSTOCK an aviary as some bird species are more aggressive than others. Examples are with the Lovebirds who are very aggressive toward each other especially during breeding times. Budgies are another species to make sure have plenty of flight space and even some of the canary males become more aggressive during that time as well. With the parrots, ALWAYS keep species together, and mostly it is safer to keep each pair in a separate flight to avoid fighting over nest boxes and food or the females. I know same species flock together in the wild, and a wire cage IS NOT THE WILD, SO HOUSE THEM ACCORDINGLY.

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