by Ernie

Marley (Parrotlett) & Woodstock (Parakeet)

Marley (Parrotlett) & Woodstock (Parakeet)

I have an 8 month old male Pacific Parrotlett. I bought him for $175 at a local pet store. I will admit that I had done no research about this bird, but it was an impulse buy.

When I brought him home he bit me (a very strong pinch) every chance he could. He lunged when I put my hand in his cage. He has a warning high pitched chirp when he is angry. When he did this, I would lean into his bite and gently restrict his beak from clinching together to complete the bite. I made soft noises and sang to him.

After a month, he began to show interest in me and my family. We didn't give up on him. We put him on a basket and brought him in our room to practice the step up. When we found out that he loved sunflower seeds, we used them as treats for good behavior.

He can be loud, but not too bad. He loves to eat. He eats seed, pellets, and a fresh bean, sprouted seed, rice, and pasta mixture. His droppings are dry and easy to clean up.

He now loves neck scratches, and to stand on our hands. He takes naps with us, and does tricks for company. When we are not paying attention to him he says in his birdie voice things like "pretty birdie", "sweet baby", and many whistles.

He has learned to be nice to our parakeet. He can be bossy and a bit mean, but as long as you let him know who is boss and you show no fear he will respect you.

He is beautiful, sweet, lovable and a permanent member of this family.

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Jul 14, 2017
my peekachoo
by: lynn

My male parrolet is named peekachoo.I had him mailed to me which turned out fine. He does tend to bite I've tried to break him of it by loving attention and tell him no when he does it. He's getting better but only wants me to hold him.I'm his caregiver so I'm guessing that's why. I love him so much he's my pride and joy

Mar 21, 2009
by: Janine

My parrotlett is 4 now. I got him when he was 5 weeks old. He was truely a baby and thought of me as his mother for the first 1 year go into my hood to sleep and I had to stroke him like a cat. Unbelievably loveable.

Into the 2nd year he wasn't quite as loving but became very cleaver. The following year it was like the terrible two's. He started hunting behind pillow and making very strang sounds. He attacked me and my husband many times.

Gizmo knows exactly where to bite in order for it to really hurt and bleed. I've gone to work with fat lips. He is truely a Gizmo that turns into a Gremlin. Now we are starting to see a different side of him again. He's comming back to himself slowly.

We try to spend as much time as possible with him. He seems to take notice to my parakeet more but is very mean to him. I don't know if I would recommend one of these to anyone. They do tend to live to be 15-20 years old and with a temperment like mine, thats a long time.

Mar 19, 2009
by: dory

i'm thinking of geting a pacific parottlet, is that a good choic for a first pet bird ?

Mar 07, 2009
I also have a male Parrotlett--Pickles
by: Beth Taylor

He is a great little bird. The more you handle him the better he behaves. He talks a lot and knows many words. I think they are always protective of there cages,and will try to bite if you but your hand in.

Jan 02, 2009
new addition
by: lynn

we just got a parrotlett given to us. the people had had him since he was a baby. he is now 3. he was nice to his male owner who worked out of the home and not very nice to the lady of the house. He is showing the same behavior here, my husband can already pet his head without getting bit and whenever i go near his cage he tries to bite me. I pull my hand away before he actually does but im assuming it would be a bite as it is aggressive. I am wondering if we should let him alone for a bit until he gets used to us or if we should be trying to handle him to get used to us or what? I dont want him to be a one-man bird as my husband is not home as much as the rest of us. Is his behavior set in stone or is it pssible to teach a "old parrot new tricks" so to speak?. any suggestions? Thanks, Lynn.

Editor's note: If you read this Lynn, you need to post this under Parrot Questions , as this is just a place to comment on a person's story.

Jan 18, 2008
I love parrotlets!
by: Andrea

I loved your story and am so glad you rescued him! I have had a wonderful time with my parrotlet Iris.

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