Parrot/Love Bird Baby?

by Ryan
(Washington DC)

I have a female lovebird, Dina, who just laid two eggs. I had always thought that my Quaker, Stolzfus, was also a female because she is so addicted to human contact....but then I remembered that for the past month Stolzfus would nibble at Dina's hind quarters and would flutter about her lower abdomen. I thought they were just it possible that my Quaker fertilized one of the lovebird eggs?! Oh heavens, the added squawking!! LOL

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Jul 07, 2009
Birdy's in Love
by: Linda

It is doubtful, but possible. The problem here is that the birds are different species and different sizes. If it is possible to separate them, that would be best. They can still play together outside of cage and all.

I doubt a breeding would take, and any eggs will most likely be infertile. Take any eggs she lays and throw them out before one of the birds breaks one and eats the fluid inside. The fluid inside will cause albumin poisoning and is fatal and a very painful death.

If you are truly interested in breeding, pick which species you wish to breed and then get information about breeding from books and information you can find on the internet or from breeders of your type of birds. You'll need a cage set up for a nest box to be hung on outside of cage, so you have access to it to check on eggs and any babies later on. The cage will need a flap door so nestbox can be hung.

Do some study on this BEFORE you do anything. Breeding birds can be expensive and is a lot of hard work. Just be sure and do all your studying and learning before you do anything. As for your two birds now, I suggest separating them into two cages right next to each other, and letting them play together when you are home. If that won't work, just keep in mind that you need to remove and throw away any eggs laid in bottom of cage before they are broken. Birds have to have a breeding set up with a nest box and all before they actually get serious about it, and you don't want these two serious about it.

Keep us posted on the "star crossed lovers" and how they and you are doing!


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