Parrots and Necessary Lighting

by Mica
(Houston, Texas)

I put our Parrot in her outside cage at least ever other day. I want to know how much light parrots need. Should I get artificial lighting? If so what kind?
If I hang the lighting on top will it not hurt her eyes if she looks up? How far from the top of the cage should it hang?

I do not think that 1 hour every other day is sufficient for her and I need your advice on lighting.

Thank you so very much for your assistance.

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Jul 06, 2009
Birds need Full Spectrum Lighting
by: Tracie

I believe your bird needs a full spectrum light if it is only getting 1 hour of sunlight every other day.

As long as the light is above the cage, your bird will not stare straight up into the light. The Vita-Lite bulbs that are sold on this site can be used in any light fixture that takes normal bulbs. This is great because you can shop for a lamp that you like and that will work with your cage set up.

For birds from arid regions (ie. African Greys) that receive significant sunlight exposure in the wild, position the bulb so that it is 12" above your bird when sitting on the highest perch. For birds that receive less sunlight in nature, the bulb can be positioned 18" above the bird when sitting on the highest perch.

Link to full spectrum lighting

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