Parrots and small children...........

I am just about too put a deposit on a hand reared Blue and Gold,and am very excited about this having always had birds from Budgies,cockatiels and a cockatoo and even a jackdaw who was extremly intelligent.But am a little concerned as i have three children a 12yr old 3 yr old and 4year old,and want to know how macaws are with children before i go ahead with this life long project,i have read alot and have read mostly good reports,please can you give me some good advice.Thanks Dawn....

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Aug 12, 2008
B&G with children
by: Tracie

I do not own a B&G, so I am just telling you my thoughts. B&G's have a good reputation for being cuddly and fun, but they also have BIG beaks and if they choose to do damage it is not a minor injury!

Only you can know if you will have what it takes to socialize and train your bird and if you will completely supervise any interaction with children.

These birds have very loud voices and make a lot of mess. Some people have a hard time finding a cage that they won't destroy also. A stainless steel cage is recommended.

You can join the Yahoo group that I have a link to on the home page, OurFeatheredFriends . There are helpful people there and some have B&G's and would love to help you out.

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