Parrots and Thunderstorms

by Sara

Last night there were several loud storms that occurred periodically the entire night. This morning when I woke up I found that my pet green cheecked conure was very tired. Could this have anything to do with the thunderstorm?

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Apr 16, 2012
Parrots and Thunderstorms
by: Linda

Birds are not normally bothered by thunderstorms. They all originally came from rainforests all over the world, and there are always storms to deal with if not actual flooding. Racial or cellular memories are gentically carried by our pet parrots and are the parts of them that makes them wild and not domesticated. All parrots are exotic wild animals which is something people sometimes forget when working with them.

If your bird is not covered at night, this may be the problem. The flashing lights from lightning could be causing problems sleeping. I recommend getting a cover for your bird's cage at night. Cover needs to be made of lightweight fabric in a solid pastel or peaceful color as color affects birds a great deal. In other words a cover in green, blue medium to dark or in a pastel shade.Never use bright, vibrant colors for a night-time cage cover because birds react badly to loud, screaming colors in things as large as covers or carpets.

If your bird continues to be listless, this points directly to illness, and only Avian Vets are licensed and qualified to diagnose and treat birds.

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