parrots claw clipping

by katie

how short can i clip my parrots claws i want to clip them my self but not shore how far i can go

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Jul 12, 2011
Clipping parrot nails
by: Tracie

This is NOT something you should do yourself until you have been taught how to do it. If you cut into the blood supply and the bird starts to bleed, it could bleed to death. Plus, the bird may not trust you again for a very long time.

If your bird starts to struggle, and you accidentally squeeze the bird too tight, you could break it's bones. This happens at times when people take their birds to a pet shop for clips and the person that works there isn't properly trained to cut nails.

I suggest you either take your bird to an avian vet or a breeder that is experienced in cutting nails and let them do it. Then purchase some Safe Pedicure Perches and put them at the food dish, water dish and favorite toy areas. This way the bird will keep it's talons worn naturally.

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