parrots in the same room???

by Darlene
(Rutland Vt)

My husband and I have bought (adopted) a mexican red headed amazon,,he needed a good home ..anyway,he loves my husband and tolerates me..Would it be possible to put a cocktiel in the same room with him not in the same cage (ever) would they get along or could it become a screaming match?????thank you

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Jun 18, 2008
Keeping parrots in the same room
by: Tracie

Hi Darlene,

I see you already posted a different question because you don't want all the dust that comes with Cockatiels. I am sorry I was so slow to respond.

I will answer this one and the other one for those that click to read the answer.

Yes, sometimes they have a screamfest, but they also can keep each other company and keep each other quiet. I would keep them in the same room.

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