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Sep 18, 2011
parrot's injury
by: Linda

Unless you have already taken your bird to be helped by an Avian Vet, it will not survive. Blood loss combined with shock and the horrible bacteria in cat's mouths and toe nails will kill your bird if she's not already dead.

If you have a bird, you must also have an Avian Vet to take care of it when sick or injured. If you cannot find an Avian Vet or know there is not one in your area, then please do not have anymore birds.

As long as you are allowing cats around your bird, you don't need another bird. I know you see this as an "accident", and mixing the wrong kind of pets together is the cause of many "accidents" that could have been prevented.

So, unfortunately, your bird will die or is already dead. Sick and injured birds have to be taken immediately to an Avian Vet in order to survive.In this case, the horror and trauma your bird has suffered is enough to kill it right there. Add cat saliva and the poisons it contains, and your bird is suffering, in pain and unless emergency care has been provided has no choice but to die. Sorry to be so blunt, and you need to understand this very clearly so it does not happen again to another innocent bird.

Keep cats away from any pet birds even if it means putting them outside. If this is not possible, don't get another bird after this one dies.

I'm sorry this happened, and cats and birds do not mix well at all, and this happens a lot in households where both cats and birds live. Thank you for writing and very sorry for your troubles.

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Sep 17, 2011
parrot injury
by: Anonymous

If you don't get your parrot to an avian vet, NO, it won't survive. A cat's bite, scratch, saliva is very toxic to a parrot. Without proper help from an avian vet, your parrot could die. Please get it help asap!!!

Sep 17, 2011
needs vet care ASAP
by: Anonymous

Wow, this is not good. Cats carry deadly bacteria in their saliva and claws, that the infection WILL kill your bird. Not to mention that your poor bird is probably in immense pain!! imagine you losing your hand, and no body does anything about it!! In summary, it should be common sense to get your bird to an avian vet RIGHT AWAY and hope that they can save your bird!! HURRY!!

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