parrots share a cage?

by amanda

can a sengal and alexandrean parrot be in a cage together?

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Aug 11, 2009
Sharing a Cage
by: Linda

Many factors come into play when discussing if birds will get along in a cage together. I always recommend separate cages for different species just in case. The two may or may not get along when housed together. If they are playing out together a lot now, they may get along. Playing out and sharing toys, perches and even food are different things entirely.

Your cage is very important. You'll need at least 4 feeding and watering cups, 2 for each side of the cage. The swivel out cup holders are very good in that you can easily access them.

The cage you are planning on putting them in needs to be quite roomy, they won't work in say an Amazon-size cage as this is almost too small for an Amazon unless it comes out of cage quite a bit. You will need a cage where they can get away from each other if needed. Both birds need enough room in cage to be able to fully extend wings to the sides and flap without bothering the other bird. A cage with a divider in the middle would be ideal as they would be together but not together so much. You'll have to check to see if the smaller cages come with middle dividers.

My suggestion at this point since I don't know your birds, is to keep them in separate cages and allow them to play together. Never leave any parrots out of their cages without supervision. In other words make sure you can see them at all times, and they will stand a better chance of not fighting and arguing. Since these two are quite different species, caging them separately will be the wise choice to make. In order to give them the kind of cage needed so both have their own space will cost a considerable amount of money. Both cages need to be roomy and large enough for wing flapping and play with toys. They also need time out of cages each day where their play is supervised to make sure both birds are safe. Birds tend to act differently when not being watched which is why I don't like the caging them together thingy. I have a bonded pair of Red Lored Amazons, and they have been bonded for a very long time. When they are together, the hen plucks his feathers and otherwise bullies him around as he is a little smaller than she. So, we had to buy a very large Macaw double cage where it has a divider in the middle. They can still touch and sit next to each other, AND Eli is safe by being in HIS side of the cage. I would like to take out the middle piece, and am hesitant as she plucked him so badly he has permanent blank places around his neck and shoulders. If feathers are plucked to many times, they will not grow back. The ones he has are yellow instead of green, so we feel better about them being together but not together if you know what I mean.


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