Parrots sharing an aviary

by Gary H
(South Africa)

What different small parrot species can i keep in one cage together

Parrots that don't fight amongst each other, i am wanting a colorful aviary

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Apr 01, 2011
Parrots sharing an aviary
by: Linda

I'm not sure if you are talking about a real aviary which is very large and if inside could be the size of a good sized room or a cage.

Different parrot species cannot be kept together in either a cage or aviary, and no more than two pair of the same species birds are kept in it. In a cage, you are still looking at a large cage for even a pair of most parrot species. By large I mean a minimum of a 4-5 foot square cage for two of the smaller parrots like Conures or Cockatiels, and we are still talking only a bonded pair. The larger the birds, the larger the space needed for them to feel safe and uncrowded. Crowding birds creates aggression even in birds who are not usually aggressive. Look at some of our larger cities, worldwide. Highest crime rates are in the ones that are the most crowded with people. Overcrowding spells disaster for any species.

For larger flights and aviaries, the smaller birds like finches can work together provided you do not over crowd them. Each pair of finches would need their own food and water receptacles so that there is no fighting over food or water or treats. These cages have to be outfitted with lots of room so the nests can be spaced out within a wide area. Here again, minimum for two pair of finches would be a 4 by 4 flight cage, and both species need to be same size. Putting smaller birds with larger birds never works in any kind of enclosure.

So to recap, two small parrot species of the same species could work in a 5 or 6 foot square type of cage with food and water areas for both pair of birds and these cages would have to be pre-setup as breeding cages with a cutout flap so nest boxes can be hung with the hole and perch on the inside of cage, and the rest of the box outside the cage with a hinged back door so you can check eggs and babies and/or feed babies if parents can't or won't do this.

For more than two pair of the same species bird, your space needs double for each pair. What worked for two pair will not work for three and so on. Never mix species of parrots because some are aggressive and some are passive and you cannot put them together in any situation.

Hope this helps and thanks for writing,

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