Parrots time lone

by Tomi
(Ashland, Ky, US)

I am interested in getting a bird for a companion. How long is ok to leave him/her alone? I have always had cats but I now live in an apt. and can't have one. I don't work right now and probably won't have to for another year. When and if I go back to work is it ok to leave him/her during that time?

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Apr 30, 2012
How long to leave a bird alone
by: Tracie

I am so impressed that you are researching parrots before doing this! Kudos!!

Many people have parrots that work, so that is not typically a problem. Choosing a parrot that doesn't need a LOT of attention is the important part.

I suggest you stick with smaller birds for at least 2 reasons. Smaller birds are not typically as loud as the larger birds. Now, they may not be as loud, but they may be more vocal, meaning the can drive your and your neighbors crazy still. Also, smaller birds can usually stand being alone 8 - 10 hours without exhibiting behavior problems.

We have a Parrot Species Comparison Chart that has some general information about different parrot species, but just like kids they really can't be put in a "personality box" so you won't know until the parrot is with you what it will really be like. You read about specific parrots on our Parrot Information page too.

African Grey parrots, for instance, can be extremely sensitive and many pluck themselves when they don't get enough attention. And even though many repeat a ton of words and sentences, you could end up with one that says only 1 or 2 words like my mom's African grey.

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