parrots toilet runny

by sandra kennedy

hello i have a baby african grey have noticed her toilet it a bit runnie could this be anything to do with diet i give her soak feed also parrot food and fresh fruit .

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Apr 20, 2012
parrots toilet runny
by: Linda

You did not say how old the baby is. If it is still younger than 4-5 months, it has to be eating baby parrot handfeeding formula fed with either a spoon or a syringe. If baby is older and in the process of weaning, wean him onto organic pellets because what you are feeding is more or less junk food, and your baby is not healthy.

Your baby has an infection, and needs to be examined, diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet ONLY. Do not take bird to a dog and cat vet as they are not licensed or trained in care of exotic pets like parrots and will either do nothing or kill your bird. Find an Avian Vet

There are organic pellets on this site, and if you can get them into your country, you'll need to start weaning your parrot onto a healthier diet. Fruit and veggies can be no more than 10-15% of total diet with the organic pellets being 80-85%. If you cannot get the Harrison's into your country, then you'll need to start looking for a high quality organic pellet in the correct size pellet for your bird. Harrisons, found here, is the very best on the market in the states and will keep your bird happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Right now, get your bird to an avian vet as quickly as possible because it is common for young birds to contract infections which make the stool runny. You may also be feeding too much fruit, and right now, your bird is not getting enough wholesome nutrition to keep him alive. The infection will not go away and has to be diagnosed and treated by an avian vet. Do not use over the counter meds like those found in some pet stores because until you know what kind of infection this is, it cannot be successfully treated.

The pellets need to be introduced as soon as you can get them or you risk your bird starving to death. Get organic because they do not have any dyes, sugars, pesticide residues or preservatives all of which kill birds. Sugar, salt and fat will kill your bird--quickly with sugar and salt and more slowly with fats. Feed NO human foods to a parrot as most of these are loaded with sugars, salt and fats or at least they are here in the states. Americans for the majority eat a horrible diet that will kill our pets if they eat the same things. They kill us too, only it takes longer.

Thanks for writing and your bird needs the services of an Avian Vet immediately as does he need a healthy diet.


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