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why does a parrot fall off his perch while sleeping

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Oct 16, 2009
Falling off perch
by: Linda

Sometimes, they can be startled by something during the night and fall. It can be anything that is different from what usually happens at night around them. A strange animal could be prowling around house, or someone's headlights shine in bird's face, or another pet does something unexpected during the night. All these things and more can cause a bird to fall off perch.

If this happens a lot, then you need to have your bird checked out by an Avian Vet to see if there is a physical illness causing this. Perches need to be the correct size for the bird's feet. If they are forced to sit on a perch that has a diameter too small for bird, then feet and toes cannot relax without them falling. If perch is too large a diameter, then same thing can happen, though too large is better than too small.

As I said, if this happens often, find out if there is physical cause for it. A lightweight cover for cage is always recommended as it makes birds feel safe at night, and unusual sounds or lights are less apt to startle them and make them fall. Always leave a couple inches at the bottom open so air can circulate under the cover so they can breathe better and make sure cover is lightweight. We have a large one for our Macaw flight cage, and it is made of polyester, washes and dries well plus is lightweight so they are warm enough in winter. In summer, we do not cover front of cage just the top and sides. In your case, I recommend covering top sides and front with a couple of inches open at the bottom.

Let us know what Avian vet had to say or if the cover works.


Oct 16, 2009
Parrot falls off perch
by: Tracie

Please take your bird to see an avian vet ASAP. It is NOT normal for a bird to fall off their perch. Dr B can not tell you why your bird falls, because he can not examine your bird.

Let us know what your vet tells you.

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