by robert

Can cheery head conures , quaker parrot, sun conure, and a amazon parrot get along opin the same cage?

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Jan 02, 2010
by: Anonymous

NO! NO! NO! This is a recipe for disaster. There is no way this many birds, all different sizes, can live in one cage. Most would end up dead or mutilated. Please if you can't afford seperate cages don't get mor than one bird.

Jan 02, 2010
by: Linda

The Cherry Head and the Sun Conure may get along, but not at first. At first, all birds will need to be caged in their own cages--one bird to a cage. Later on, after birds are settled in, and trust you and their new home, they may be allowed to play outside cages together WHILE BEING CONSTANTLY SUPERVISED so they can get to know each other. Parrots are like all other animals including humans in that they do not like all animals, birds or people.

The Quaker will need to be caged by itself because it will most likely NOT get along with the Conures--different personalities and ways of doing things will cause trouble here.

The Amazon will not be able to be caged with any of the above and will need its own cage.

I'm not sure what you are planning here, but you will not be able to cage any of these birds together either at first or at all. If the conures make friends and get along, then you'll need a VERY LARGE ROOMY CAGE WITH SEPARATE FEEDING AND WATERING CUPS FOR EACH BIRD. When I say very large cage, that's what I mean. You cannot put two birds of any kind in a cage suitable for one. All the cage size suggestions you'll find anywhere need to be doubled for even one bird. For two birds, make it three to four times as large. They are talking about the very minimum size cage for a bird who gets out of cage a lot. Otherwise, even a smaller bird needs a cage at least twice the minimum recommended size. It is always good to give them the largest cage you can possibly afford, because they are birds and really need to be able to stretch out their wings and even fly if possible.

If you put birds into too small a cage, they are miserable and will develop behavior problems up to and including pulling their feathers out and mutilating themselves.

You will need to study about each of the species you mentioned and learn more about their basic personalities. You also will need to learn and understand about introducing birds to each other to keep them from fighting. Birds have roughly the emotional/mental deveopment of 4-5 year old human children. Put that many 4-5 year old kids together in a small space and see what happens.

Thanks for writing, and enjoy your learning because learning takes our entire lifetimes, and then we STILL don't even have all the questions much less all the answers.


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