Patagonian Conure hatch a Nanday egg?

by Robin
(Yakima, WA USA)

I have a female Patagonian Conure. She is about 5 or 6. She is a rescue that I fell in love with and kept. Her name is Dakota, Koda for short.
I have been trying to find a male patty for her. She really wants to be a mama. I haven't had any luck.
I even have been trying to get a fertile egg for her to hatch. Still no luck.
Someone suggested getting her a fertile Nanday egg.
Now I know I can switch the egg for one of hers. She trusts me with her eggs and insists I give them kisses everyday. I know her eggs won't hatch, but it calms her and usually after 30 days or so, if she senses no life, she gently removes them and lets me take them away.
My question is, if I give her a fertile Nanday egg, do you think that when it hatches, she will care for the baby? She has a strong maternal instinct.
I am prepared to feed the baby myself if needed.
The reason the Nanday would be good, is both types of conures have very simular behaviors and such. They just look different.
The patty has the long tail.
Both are LOUD birds, they bond alike, and are alike in many other ways.
I live in the country. My closest nieghbors have no problems with my birds.
I also have another patty. Unsure if hes a he or she.
Dobie came from a different background. He may never gain enough trust to be what he could be. He does love to be noisy! LOVES it in fact. I have not had him sexed. He ignores Koda when she is in season. And Koda ignores him.
She tried once to interest him in play, but he hid from her. Now she respects that.
He's a sweetie tho. Loves to flirt.
But that leaves me with Koda and her mama instinct.
So, any opinions?
She;s in season now. Has one egg already, and will lay another 4 to 5 in the next few weeks. Perfect for egg switching.
She's my baby. I know I may lose some of her bond if she becomes a mama, but I will do that for her.
OH! Kodas favorite bath spot? The dogs water dish! NOT the nice clean big basin, but the dog dish! Go figure!
I have a pic of her, but can't find my cable to load it.
Thanks! Robin

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Jan 24, 2010
by: Robin

I AM an experienced breeder.
I have been breeding Finches for 15 years.
I have a very large aviary and breeder cages.
I also have bred Lovebirds and parakeets.
I know all about it.
I understand your concern. Thanks. But I know some things about it.
I have taken into consideration her ability and desire to raise a baby. I have decided that I want her to have her own. She will be more maternal.
She is very "motherly"...she fed a baby sun when it was abandoned.
It belonged to a friend and went back to them when it was old enough.
I think I have determined that my other Patty IS a male. They are showing signs of interest in each other.
Thanks for your response.
I would feel the same about an inexperienced person doing any breeding.
I got a lot of my rescues from such cases.

Mar 18, 2009
Patagonian to hatch a Nanday egg
by: Tracie

Robin, I have hesitated to answer you because I don't want to offend you. I can see that you have your bird's best interest at heart.

I would not allow her to hatch an egg, because you don't know that she will raise it and because you are not an experienced breeder either bird could die if something should go wrong.

This is just my opinion, and my opinion is not worth any more than your opinion.

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