Patagonian Conure

by Graham Le Marchand

I need to have my birds nails cut and have not been done for a long time.
I read that the blood vessel may therefore be at the tip.
Is it safe to cut these nails myself?
Any advice would be grateful.


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Feb 13, 2009
Cutting birds nails
by: Tracie

Dr. B suggests that you have an avian vet trim your bird's nails. They can bleed to death quickly if you cut a nail too close. Stopping the bleeding can be tricky if the bird gets away from you and panics.

The best way to keep the bird's nails trimmed is to put a Safe Pedicure Perch at each food dish, water dish or water bottle, favorite toy stations and any other popular places your bird goes. That way they get trimmed as they move around the cage.

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