Peach Faced Love Birds

My two love birds have started to pluck out their feathers around the neck area, why and how can I help them to stop. They have toys, clean cage,plenty of bootled water and food, and are given vegetables and friut.

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Mar 09, 2010
Loss of faethers
by: Alfred Ignatius

Hi Linda,
Thank you so much for your advise. The birds appear to be plucking their own feathers out. We have separated them prior to my enquiry and they went nuts. They made so much noise and seemed to be distressed, they only calmed down when we put them back in the same cage together.

Kind Regards

Mar 07, 2010
Peach Faced Love Birds
by: Linda

YOUR BIRDS ARE PLUCKING EACH OTHERS' FEATHERS OUT AS A BIRD CANNOT REACH TO PLUCK OUT HIS/HER NECK FEATHERS. You have to separate them into two cages and leave them that way maybe forever.

If you don't have another cage, please do what you can to get one as soon as you can because they will continue plucking each other until they are bare of feathers and will then mutilate each other to the point of bleeding and infections.

Make sure their diet is comprised of organic, high quality pellets as 80- to 90% of diet as seeds are a poor diet for any bird. Put their water into a bowl as a lot of birds enjoy soaking their food in bowl. It is part of their psychology, and the water bottles remove all hope of them doing what comes natural to them. If water becomes dirty, then change it and put new, clean water in there.

So, you will need to take both birds to be examined by an Avian Vet BEFORE you start changing their diet to a more healthy one. Right now, you need to separate them so that each has its own cage maybe forever. If they are out of cage together, make sure you are there watching them ALL THE TIME MAKING SURE NO ONE IS PLUCKING THE OTHER. My Amazon pair had to be separated because of female plucking out male's neck feathers. He has bare spots on neck where she plucked him so long feather will never grow back. Please don't let this happen with your birds as the feather loss will become permanent after they are plucked so many times.

Thanks for writing,

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