Peach Faced Lovebird questions

by Stella

Hello, my name is Stella, and i am 11 years old .
I am getting a hand-reared baby peach faced lovebird in a couple of days .
I was wondering if it would be stressed on the trip home ?
Are they cuddly ?
Are they smart?

and i was wondring if this cage would be big enough for one lovebird, the mesurments are down the bottom .

75 x 51 x 51 cm

Thanks, Stella

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Jan 23, 2012
Lovebird questions
by: Tracie

That is a good size cage for a lovebird. Yes, it will be stressful for the bird to travel home with you and even to be in a new cage without all the birds it is used to being with.

In time the bird will adjust. Many lovebirds are sweet until they mature and reach breeding age. Some become biters, and can not be handled. Some stay sweet their whole life, just so you know.

Please do more research, if you have not already purchased this bird. All species have birds that enjoy human contact and some don't and some become one person birds and they choose another family member besides the one the purchased it.

The best way to get a bird, is to find a breeder and spend time with their birds on several occasions. This gives you a chance to hear how loud are, what kind of mess they make and if you and the bird get along.

It is best to allow the bird to pick you. In the end, it isn't how pretty they are, it is the relationship. If a bird picks you, buy wanting to stay on you instead of flying off or wanting to be in it's cage, then you have a bird companion that you will likely enjoy for years to come if you continue to spend time with the bird.

We have some bird training materials on our Parrot Training page that will be helpful once you bring the bird home.

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