Peach faced lovebirds -Pull out feathers

by Caroline Taylor
(Chesterfield,Derbyshire England)

We have two peach faced love birds and we are unsure to if they are male of female. Last month they laided and egg and then they smashed it. They practice breeding constantly and recently the quiet one was acticting weird breathing funny/rapid and sitting in the bottom of the cage.

That isnt the case any more but they have begun to pull out there feathes near there bottom and are bare now. They are feeding and eating well and there poo is normal but they have no feathers at all on there bottom. We are concerned they are ill and want to know what your opinion is. Thanks x

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Sep 04, 2008
Lovebirds breeding
by: The Vet

Do you want to breed them? If so, then you need to have them sexed. If not, it is best to separate them, and especially do not give them a box.

The feather pulling is common in breeding lovebirds. But the inexperienced ones will sometimes pull the wrong feathers. You should have them looked at by an avian veterinarian to be sure their is no skin disease or other problems. Especially have the hen checked for egg binding.

Are your birds eating a pellet diet? If not, switch them to something good like Harrison's. This will prevent any health related problems associated with egg laying and will produce healthier babies if you do breed them.

My opinion is don’t breed them. There are too many unwanted birds available in shelters, sanctuaries, rescues and foster homes already.

Dr B

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