Peaches My Pride and Joy !

by Stacy Pitino
(Dana Point , Calif )

Mom picked  because they reminded her of me :)

Mom picked because they reminded her of me :)

Bitten By The Love Bug !

I was in Visiting My Daughters Cockatiels at our Bird store ,so they could bond with the baby's before we brought them home, when this Lil baby Goffins came over to me and was nibbling on my shoe? I set him back on his Stand and went back to my Daughters. Back again he came to get my attention.

This time I gave him more attention cuddling him and fell in love! Yep I was Bit! By the Love bug!

I Thought I couldn't ever afford him though, mind you we just perched two Cockatiels and a huge cage for them. Well a friend I had met there, she was bringing home a bird also told me the store had a layaway until the bird was able to come home & feeding on his own. I was so excited, I could do that I think?

After a call to My Husband "Honey can I Please get a baby Bird, I'm so in love with him Please? My poor Husband agreed. I was up every day after that! Driving 20 min there and back just to bond with him, and staying at the store for hours, for weeks. I Named Him Peaches! Not knowing or Caring Boy or Girl?

Well My 40th Birthday was here, and all I wanted to do was to just visit Peaches. So my daughter and I Ran up that morning and spent most of the day there...and made a day of it ..

I was cuddling Peaches in my arms, when I heard My husbands Voice? I looked up and to my huge surprise he had my bird carrier and flowers and a cake, in his hands.

He Said OK take your baby home! I was Like what?! He was still being hand feed? Well the store clerk had already taught me how to had feed daily during my recent visits so I was used to feeding him already ... Let me tell you I cried like a baby! He said I was speeding to much time at the Bird store, he missed me ...

Almost a year later Peaches and our family are great! He is the most amazing baby ...I adore him .. our whole family love's him !

PS. Jan 23rd 2008
My Daughters Baby Cockatiels well started their family 5 egg's were laid, I was so surprised
they are now three weeks old and just amazing ...And yes they are staying with us! I was bit by the Love bug once the egg's were hatched!

My husband now calls me the Crazy Bird Lady yep that's me !!! Crazy in love!

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Aug 11, 2012
Beautiful little Goffin
by: Anonymous

Your Peaches is absolute beautiful!!! The goffins have a very huge soft spot in my heart! I am proud mommy to 5 of them and they are definitely spoiled but I wouldn't have it any other way. The little goofy goffins are so sweet and those eyes are little pools of love.I don't know how i ever survived before they came into my life. I love them more than life itself. My citron is also another love of my life. I could never see my life without any of them now. I would walk through fire for them if I had to. Give that little sweetheart a kiss for me here in NB, Canada.

Aug 10, 2012
what happened
by: Anonymous

I just read the article about peaches my pride and joy it was so uplifting it actually sounded a lot like me. but then I read someones comments and they said they were sorry.

what happened to peaches?

Mar 06, 2011
Sad story
by: Anonymous

What a tragedy! I'm so sorry for you and your Peaches. You both are so unfortunate and unlucky. Sorry for you both! Tears and screams of pitty for you.

Jul 08, 2009
Stinky Poopies
by: Anonymous

Hey does your bird have stinky poopies? I think I have said before on here how I lay napins down in Rosie's house at night to catch her big morning poopies.

Well I took a day off of work today and this morning when I went to get her up the minute I got in front of her house I smelt a stink. I was wondering what the heck it could be and I picked up her poopie napkins and ugh her poop had the strongest sour smell. Rosie has otherwise been doing good shes eating and being active. Yesterday she did wake up with not much energy but after a few hours she got back to her active self.

I called her Dr but shes in a conference all week, so I called Michelle (the girl that owns the shop I bought her from) and she said that she is probably getting ready to lay an egg . Her poops have been very watery during the day and they firm up in the evenings cuz that is when she eats the most but they still have like alot of slimy liquid in them. I know that alot of you have experienced egg laying. So does that sound like something that happens with your babies poops when they are gonna lay? I'm so scared I am terrified of egg binding and Dr Duffin said her calcium was a little low when she done her blood tests but said it was probably cuz she was hormonal. But she didn't tell me to give her any calcium suppliments or anything. I am gonna go buy some on my own today. But anyway back to my original question..

Thanks guys. . Rosies Mommy

Mar 09, 2009
by: Peaches' Mom

I too fell in love with a Goffin cockatoo....I named her Peaches also! We have had her for a year and every day we see her doing something funnier and crazier!! Truly amazing birds!

Jan 29, 2009
Wonderful story
by: Carolyn

I sure know how you felt about this baby goffins. I have 5 goffins and a citron and I've never been so much in love as I am with these white balls of feathers. :0)

Jun 09, 2008
shoe nibbler
by: Scots

That has to be a trait with those little tykes as ours does the same thing...
What they do to win one

May 31, 2008
How Cute!! He bit me,too!!
by: Deanna

How Adorable!! The flowers match him perfect and he is SOOOO cute!! I would've put him on layaway,too!! Yes,his Baby Bird Bug of Love has bitten this bird lady,too!! Thanks for his wonderful picture and story!!

Mar 15, 2008
What a great story!
by: Anonymous

I love your picture and your story. Thanks!!

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