Pearl and Blizzard

by M

Pearl and Blizzard are my budgies. I suspect that Blizzard may be a Green cinnamon budgie, but I don't know what kind of budgie Pearl is. Pearl is blue with a white face (Pearl is not tame. I am working on taming her), Blizzard's overall body color is a sort of yellowish greenish-olive (hard to describe) with a yellow face mask and greenish-blue (more of a really light blue on the chest) at the base of her tail and on its chest and belly.

I can't provide a hatch date because they were from the pet store, but Pearl is about 6 months old (not including when she was in the pet store), Blizzard's age is unknown.

My budgies love everyone. Pearl is not tame do to not handling her. If she was not so cage orientated, I could handle Pearl. Blizzard is Pearl's third mate. The others ended up dying. I'm hoping Blizzard will last for a least a year and a half.

The dead birds are Jasper and Sunshine. Blizzard is pretty loud. So were the other budgies. I think they chirp lots when their settling down from the excitement (and fright) of being bought from the pet store, but after that, they don't make that much noise.

I feed Pearl and Blizzard mainly seed with vitamins, but I'm feeding Blizzard charcoal right now, and I also give them cuttlebone, but I'm hoping I can get Pearl and Blizzard to eat at least little bits of fruit, maybe by cutting it in little pieces.

The birds don't seem to like pellets. I mixed it in with their food (they just picked it out) and other drastic measures, including force feeding (you put the pellets in a dish, put the dish in the cage, take out the seed, and later, give them a couple of tablespoons of seed), but they just starved themselves until I put the seed back in.

I tried the force feeding with Pearl and Sunshine (Pearl's second mate). I really want to breed the birds, but probably not. The birds have relationship problem's, because they peck each other. Pearl and Sunshine (Pearl's second mate) always had a lot of arguments too. Pearl and Jasper (Jasper is the first mate of Pearl. I got Pearl and Jasper (Pearl's first mate) together. All through, their both great birds. Maybe I'll try a Sun Conure next, or a lovebird, or a Senegal parrot.