Pearly conure getting using nesting box


I have recently bought a bonded pair of pearly conures. They have never had a nesting box. How long would it usually take for them to go inside and start to use it. I have left the lid open to see if this helps them explore but they haunt entered yet and we have had some very cold nights


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Apr 13, 2011
Pearly conure getting using nesting box
by: Linda

I don't understand what you are saying. Did you buy birds from a pet store or breeder who kept them inside? If these birds have been living inside, they will die outside with or without a nesting box. So, you'll need to write in again with more information.

Birds who have been living inside cannot just be put outside in the winter. They have to have a heated sleeping area using no light emitter heat lamps that plug into regular electric sockets.Outside aviaries have to be wired by a licensed electrician. They need much more than a nestbox too. They need a large outside flight area and an equally large area usually made of wood where the heat source is and also full spectrum lights for dark days.

If you have put your birds outside when they have been inside birds, you will kill them. Birds have to be acclimated to living outside, and it is done during at least two Spring and Summer seasons where they are either heated outside or brought inside during the winter. During hot summers, they also need a ventilation system to provide good air circulation throughout the entire aviary. NOT airconditioning as this will kill them, just some kind of ventilation system that does not draft the birds and does keep air moving throughout the enclosure.

Both birds also need to be examined by an Avian Vet BEFORE any breeding is done or even before putting them outside to acclimate next spring. For now, please get them inside where it's warm, take them to Avian Vet because chances are they have an infection from being moved and from the cold. Write back in with further information too, because I just cannot understand why anyone would take any birds and put them outside in the winter without any heat source to keep them from freezing to death. Please clarify the situation for us.


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