Peck scratch

by Autumn
(Tulsa ok)

Why does my umbrella peck , scratch and regurgitate on my feet?

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Dec 01, 2011
Reguritating pecking
by: Katyabird

My U2 did this to my husband mostly. He would also rub his vent on my husbands arm over and over again. He was masturbating. the pecking and regurgitating are all sexual behaviors. he is showing you he is a good mate, how he can take care of kids-by regurgitating. Don't let him do this. He will become attached to you and only you in the wrong way. he will see you as his mate not his "mom or dad".

Nov 30, 2011
Peck scratch
by: Linda

This sounds like play behavior to me, but I must caution you to keep your bird up off the floor at all times. The floor is dirty, and I don't care how much it's cleaned, it's still a bacterial laden, dirty place for a parrot to be. Your bird will end up getting sick being on the floor.The floor is also where birds can get fleas and ticks which they do not normally have, so please keep him off the floor for his own good health and safety.

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