Pedro the Indian Ring Neck Parrot

by Sonja Eckhart
(SW Virginia)

Pedro is an Indian Ring Neck Parrot, age unknown, and origins unknown. He is leg banded, and is a beautiful green with violet and red ring.

Pedro came to us from a college student who had rescued him from his uncle. The uncle had found Pedro in his cage sitting beside the road. He took Pedro home, but did not know how to take care of an Indian ring neck Parrot, so he just teased and tormented him.

The student took Pedro to his dorm room, but his roommates had ferrets and they wanted to play with him. He was beginning to get nervous and plucking at his feathers. They called me and me and my husband went to pick him up.

We brought him home and he was not really friendly, although he did not try to bite or make a fuss. He would not let me touch him, and retreated to the back of his cage and just sat all day. He would eat his veggies, and his pellets, so I had hopes he would settle in before long.

We have had him for 3 months and although we still cannot touch him, he is now playing with his toys, searching for treats and will talk to me and let me give him a spray bath once a day. I feel he will gradually let me pick him up on my hand and one day will feel comfortable enough to ride on my arm.

Phoenix Landing encouraged my going slowly with him, and soon I hope to get him a friend for company. Even if I never can carry him around, he still adds a lot of joy and beauty to my life.

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Jun 23, 2013
My new found friend
by: Anne

My new found friend is Rio an Indian Ring Neck Parrot . Im unsure of his age but he is still very young and is still very warey of people but im sure overtime he will bé ok . Hes a cheeky little fellow but Ive become very fond of him even when hes up to naughty bouts of screaming to get his own way . To teach him not to scream I was advised to cover his cage for a while and he will soon learn not to scream hopefully this will do the trick . Any other ideas will bé fantastic ?

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May 28, 2011
On Imran Shaikh's comments
by: Abbas Ali

Hi, I am Abbas and I am also from Mumbai.
I have two parrots one male and the other
a female. The male is Andy and the female
is Chutki. My email ID is zamaniabbasali@ and I would like to know more
about how you go about with your pets and
I can tell you how I handle my pets so this
way we both will learn a lot in handling
our pets.
Hoping for a reply from you.

May 09, 2011
lucky you and pedro
by: Imran Shaikh

Hi there, i am from Mumbai,India and i love alexandrine parrots as i have 2 of them now a male and a female.i had been to the pet shop where i found the female and she was the healthiest and most active one.i then sat next to her cage and started talking and she replied back, she was just 6-7 months old then.she could talk then but she made sounds and sat still during the conversation,she jumped towards inside the cage and held the bar in front of me.the shopkeeper sensed our excitment and sold it at a hig

Dec 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

I had an alexandrine parrot which was given to us because the previous owners didn't have time for him he was bald and was constantly picking out his feathers and was very scared of hands. It took us 4 months to let him get comfortable with us and he'd let us kiss his beak but nothing else he started favoring my mom around 8 months of having him and he'd climb up on her when he pleased but only her.. you still couldn't touch him he just liked sitting with her on her arm or shoulder.. Im sure if we had him longer he'd eventually had gotten comfortable with us which he was getting but his previous owners decided to come get him and we suffered a heavy loss from losing him he was a family member and will be greatly miss. I admire your courage into taking your indian ring neck in.. and patients will def. pay off!

Apr 12, 2009
Your a True Hero!
by: Victoria

I think that it must take a really kind and caring person like you to be able to take in a bird who has had a rough start in it's life. I really admire you. I know with a little more quality time with your feathered friend he will begin to open up to you. My bird Sunny used to be shy after his brother passed away, but soon opened up to me. Just keep up the good work! The end result is of coarse... having a little feathered friend who will be their for you to chear you up,even on your sadest days!

Feb 01, 2009
Stick with it Darryl!
by: maureen

Kobber is my 17 month old Alexandrine's name.No regrets.I don't know his sex yet, just call it a he for now.Loving cute adorable & playful.Chatty with a fantastic ability to whistle.Loves his spray & a wonderful appetite.Hates sudden hand movements towards him whilest in the cage.Prefers to climb out first & then on to my wrist.We kiss & cuddle daily but I must say I am very gentle with him.Love begets love please persevere.You have a wonderful little bird. Cheerio for now, Maureen.All the way from sunny South Africa.

Oct 28, 2007
sweet story
by: greenlee's mom

Awe, what a cute story. Don't give up on Pedro, he will come around at his own time. My Quacker would not have anything to do with me when I first got her. At five months old she would bite at me,until I one day she was fooling around and got her head caught it her cage door, I ran across the room and saved her. From then on in she knew I was there to protect her. So, as I said she will come around. But, I hope it doe'nt take something like that. Be patient!!

Sep 26, 2007
Great story
by: Daryl

That's a great story! Pedro is lucky to have found you! I'm sure with more time, he will come around and really trust you. Thank you for sharing!

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