peeling beak

by heidi

Hi, I have a regent parakeet that is about 6 mths old. He is a very lively chap, good eater and loves to play. I have noticed the bottom of his beak looks as though its peeling,the underneath of the peeled bit is a lighter orange than the rest. Is this normal? His behaviour is just the same as ever.......bonkers!!

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Aug 05, 2009
Peeling Beak
by: Linda

Heidi, yes it is normal for the beaks to peal some just like our finger and toe nails do. It is a sign of growth for the beak. If beak gets too much peeling though, you should take him to an Avian vet so they can show you how to buff it out some or just let the Avian vet do it. Have him clip bird's nails too to keep him safe. Nails that are allowed to grow too long can cause life threatening injuries.

Sounds like he is a handful, and thanks for wanting to take good care of him!

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