Pekin cockeral has partially ripped off top of his beak!

Noticed today that my chicken has managed to partially rip off the top of his beak? Obvioulsy is having trouble eating as when he pecks the beak moves...does anyone have any suggestions on fixing or what to feed it on have tried bread and milk but not interested I think it hurts it too much. If I pull the rest off will it grow back or will it just harden or is this the end of the line for this bird?????

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Dec 15, 2011
Bird with partially ripped off beak
by: The Avian Vet

It will not grow back. She needs a prosthetic beak. That is one of my specialties. I just built a new beak for a macaw and she was eating that afternoon.

Dr B

Dec 15, 2011
Pekin cockeral has partially ripped off top of his beak!
by: Linda

Do you have any idea at all how much pain, "just pulling his beak off" would cause your bird?

No, you cannot pull the beak off. You have to take your bird to an Avian Vet only in your driving area and see what can be done to fix this problem.

The other thing that needs doing is to find out how this happened and fix it. If it is a matter of using the wrong kind of wire for your chicken's shelter, then use a better grade of wire like hardware cloth that is large enough so the birds can get their beaks or toes out but not so large as to be able to put their head through.

Please do not tear this bird's beak off as this is extremely cruel and will cause lots of pain and an infection. Your bird will also not be able to eat. Take it to an Avian Vet like you need to do when your birds have problems, and treat your chickens like they are real and not machines. They feel pain, and all the emotions people feel. They can die from infections and injuries left untreated by a licensed and trained Avian Vet. They are living, thinking and very precious creatures given to you to take care of.

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