Pellet Transformation Success?

by Alex
(London, UK)

I followed the instructions for changing budgies to pellets on this website, and started this morning.

My budgies went straight for the pellets and one started pecking around a few times.

Does this mean that they were curious and decided to try the pellets adn I can now st back, or should I continue to keep an eye on them?

Also, should I steer clear of seed for the time being, or should it be put back later in the day?

Thank you for steering me in the direction of Harrison's pellets, and the factsheet which gave me the information I needed to safely change the diet.

I love my budgies, and just want the best for them.

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Feb 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

It's recommended, that you still give them seeds when first starting to introduce pellets. This will prevent the birds from starving.

Here's a tip, and it worked for me.
Birds always eat from the highest spot in thier cage. I keep a bowl of just pellets at the highest point in thier cage... on the bottom I have a bowl that is seed and pellet. 20% pellets 80% seed... every other day I increase the pellets and reduce the seeds in that bottom bowl.

MY vet recommends 80% pellets in thier diet with 20% seeds and fresh foods (veggies, fruits)

You want them to still have seed, but the main diet should be pellets.

Once my birds were on strickly a pellet diet, I use the seeds for training purposes only. Teaching tricks, and encouraging talking, or behaviors I want.

Seeds aren't bad for your bird, but the pellets are going to give your bird the best nutrition possible.

MY birds eat Roudybush Pellets. It's low in sugar, and they like the taste. Just make sure the pellets are the right size for your birds. They come in different sizes.

I also pretend as tho I am eating the pellets. I take one from thier bowls, pretend to eat it, and say YUM! and then offer it to the bird... This also works well. Birds are social eaters, so they want what the human flock is eating. If they think you're eating the pellet, they take to it more quickly.

Some birds when first starting out, will just tear it up... bc it's what they do. Eventually they'll eat it. It's a matter of patience.

For other people trying to switch, NEVER change a sick birds diet. Wait till they are healthy before attempting to change them from seed to pellet.

Feb 15, 2012
by: Alex

Just to update you. The budgies are both pecking away and eating the pellets, so it is a success. It really surprises me that they took to the pellets on the first day.


Feb 15, 2012
Successfully switching budgies to pellets
by: Tracie

When you see crumbs or powder in the dish, you know they are eating the pellets. That is success. :-)

I recently added the Switching Budgies To Pellets article since budgies are ground feeders.

You should continue to provide the food they are used to until you are sure they are eating the pellets. Once they are eating the pellets, you can put some seed and treats in the cage in the afternoon after they have eaten most of their pellets.

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