by chris and deb
(buffalo ny)

I love your site! Thank you! Mu question is this, i have just bought a yellow collar severe and it has been weaned on roudybush mantaince pellets along with fresh veggies and fruits and nutraberries as a snack. your site says that peanuts, soy and wheat can be a problem and thats why you recomend organics, but i noticed that you also sell the roudy bush matainance pellets, which contain some of all three of the above mentioned? My breeder and my avain vet had recomended RB in the past. Should i leave my 5 month old on RB or switch over to organices? My beautiful 25yr old yellow collar just passed away from natural causes last week and i so very want to do everything right with this new friend. Please explain if this is a preferance or a need? Thanks so very much!

Chris and Deb Miller

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May 22, 2008
Organic pellets question
by: Tracie

Hello Chris and Deb,

I do recommend organic pellets, seeds and foods because anything artificial has to be cleansed by their tiny organs. It only takes one weak cell in a body to split and reproduce to become cancer. I want my bird's cells to be as strong as possible.

I sell other pellets and foods that are not organic, because they are still better than the really cheap stuff people buy at the large pet store chains. I can't force people to purchase organic, all I can do is encourage them.

I also hope that some will come to my site to purchase the non-organic pellets and read my article, Parrot Health, on feeding organic and switch their birds.

I hope that answers your questions.

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