Penny Lane

Hello there. I'm just trying to figure out if I should be worried about my sixteen year old Umbrella Cockatoo, Penny.

My mother noticed today that she has a small bald bump on her right shoulderblade (it looks like a humans elbow sticking up) and said she thinks her wing is broken, but Penny hasn't been acting any differently.

She still holds her wings out during a bath, and grooms and fluffs herself up real big, but she is a clumsy flyer and I can see her taking a fall and me not knowing it. I don't think we have an Avian vet around these parts. Is there any symptoms I could keep an eye out for? Could it be something else?

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Mar 05, 2009
Cockatoo with bump on wing
by: The Vet

If the bump is on both wings, it is likely the elbow. If it is not, then you need to find an avian veterinarian that will see your bird. In fact, find one anyway, this way you can have a well-bird exam done and get her vaccinated too.

Dr. B

Mar 05, 2009
Bald spot on cockatoo
by: Linda

I have an umbrella cockatoo and he has a bald bony area on the top of his wing and this is nothing to be alarmed about. He picks his feathers and leaves this spot bald. He is healthy otherwise. Cockatoos are pickers and pluckers but mine just picks. When they get bored this is what they do so don't worry. I have had my baby at the vet for all this and he is the best avian vet around. As long as he is eating, his stools are normal and he is happy I believe you don't have to worry. Just enjoy him as they are wonderful loving birds.

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