Peppin Prewitt - Conure

by MaeganMarie
(New York)

Black Capped Conure

Black Capped Conure

Black Capped Conure
Black Cap Conure Pippin
Pippin after bath
Pippin Black Capped Conure

On 10/26/2013 I woke up and discovered that my beloved Tweeter (Aratinga weddellii a.k.a. Dusky-headed Conure) had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. It was a horrible shock. Tweeter was fine and dandy Friday (10/25/2013) and gone Saturday morning (10/26/2013).
I was devastated. I would not be alone in my grief for very long though. There was a feathered bandaid waiting to hold the pieces of my broken heart together until it was healed.
Life continued regardless of how frozen I felt. I still had other companions that needed me and food and the necessities of life. That's how Peppin Prewitt entered the scene.
I had visited with Peppin Prewitt previously. I had Tweeter and asked to see the Black-capped Conure to see if Tweeter would allow another feathered friend. NO WAY! Tweeter only liked the Black-capped Conure on someone else or in its cage.
I liked the Black-capped Conure, but Tweeter was an only-bird kind of guy, so I put the Black-capped Conure out of my mind.
After Tweeter went to the Rainbow Bridge I stumbled upon the Black-capped Conure again. She was desperate to come out to see me. Holding her was a soothing balm to my aching heart. I was swept away by grief again the moment she was put back into her cage.
I didn't wait long to go back for her. On 11/05/2013 Peppin Prewitt came home. We needed each other.
She hatched on 02/02/2013 and had a confusing existence. She was moved from the breeder to a pet store and then moved to another pet store. The first nine months of her life were chaotic at best.
The employees told me she was a "rehab" bird. She was terrified of mirrors, hand-phobic, and was nipping to the point of drawing blood. I never saw that side of her. I somehow knew she needed me as much as I needed her and that together we would be fine.
I was right. We have been healing and mending together. I am honoring Tweeter's memory by loving another feathered friend in need.
Peppin Prewitt is a joy. She poops every 15 minutes or so. I can never be without baby wipes! She doesn't talk (yet), but I believe she's trying to whistle. She gives wonderful kisses. She is happiest when with me and on me. We are living happily-ever-after.
Peppin Prewitt is a Pyrrhura rupicola (a.k.a. Black-capped Conure). She's only 9 months old, so we should have a good 30 years together. Here's hoping we should be so lucky!

Peppin Prewitt & MaeganMarie