Pet Crazy

by Michael Bork
(Moberly, MO)

We currently own 2 dogs (1 small 1 medium), a siamese cat, a ferret, and a Nanday Conure.

Our Nanday (PITA) is in love with our cat. He purrs, meows, and grooms her. Unfortunately, our cat is 18 years old, and PITA is only 7 years old. We were concerned that when our cat (Molly) died, PITA would be despondent.

To make a long story short, yesterday, we brought home a beautiful yellow sided green cheek (as yet to be named). We have 2 separate cages for them, but would like to eventually move the 2 birds together.

So, the question is...what is the best way to slowly introduce the 2 of them, and hopefully start the bonding process? PITA is a big boy (compared to the green cheek)and obviously much louder, and can be kind of a bully. So we want to make sure that their introduction is nice and slow.

Any suggestions?

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Jun 30, 2009
by: Linda

Never, never let one of your other animals even touch your bird much less groom it. Cats, dogs, ferrits and other 4 legged creatures carry all kinds of dangerous bacteria for a bird. Birds only have gram positive bacteria in their bodies. All of the others, including humans, carry a load of negative bacteria which is what causes infections in our birds. Also, as Tracie so nicely put it, other pets can attack and kill a parrot with no provocation. One day they are friends, and the next the bird is dead. Cat and dog bites get infected to the point where the bird usually dies even if it survives the initial attack.

As for putting two birds of different sizes together, my advice is to leave them in separate cages and be very, very careful when they are outside of cage at the same time. Have a vet trim both birds wings--just the primary feathers--so they cannot get lift when trying to fly. Keep the cages far enough apart where if one tries to fly to the other cage, it will glide to the floor instead where you can pick it up. If the Nanday is a bully, and I've worked with them and know they are, please DO NOT put these two birds together. Also, your new bird will need to go to see an Avian vet in your area as new birds can bring in disease and parasites for your other one. If the nanday has not seen a vet in a year, then take both of them for checkups. Put them in separate travel cages for the trip.

Read the article Tracie mentioned and keep your new, smaller bird safe at all costs.

Keep us posted on how they are doing.

Jun 29, 2009
Nanday and Green Cheek together?
by: Tracie

Well, first I will tell you the obvious that others may post in not such a nice way. It is very dangerous for birds and cats to be out together. Even though they are friends, if the cat were to fall asleep and the bird startled it, it could attack the bird before it knew what it was attacking.

There are other people that have written that their cat, that has been fine with their bird for years, suddenly killed their bird. So now you will know why some may read your post and "blast" you.

As far as putting the two birds together, only the birds will be able to decide if they want to live together. You should read a the story I wrote about just putting two Green Cheeks together. Should I get another Green Cheek Conure?

Some birds never learn to get along, and you have to be very careful when you allow them to be out together because one bird can attack the other in a flash and the other bird could die.

The story above gives you an overview of how our birds ended up living together.

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