Pet Focus Cleaner

by Sandra Owens

I have two Parrots. A Moluccan and an Umbrella. I have been using Pet Focus for a few years. Today I was washing down the bird room walls and floors. . It was late and the floor was not quite dry. I moved the birds out to their rooms after I had finished washing the rooms. .I have two rooms that connect to my sunroom that are separated for the birds.

Anyway, the floor was not dry and I came to the computer to do a search on Pet Focus. I was scared that maybe since the floor was not completely dry that they were breathing something they should not be. I found your site and read the article by Erik Christopher and also the questions and answers. I really appreciate that article so very much. I am so grateful that Mr. Christopher took the time to write the article much less add the questions and answers. The floor is still not quite dry . After I read the article I went out and wiped each floor with a paper towel to help them dry but I felt confident that they were not breathing in harmful fumes. Thanks so much for the information in that article. Sandra Owens