Pet Insurance and Personal identificaion for Amazon Parrot

by Erin

We're currently adding an amazon parrot to our family and were curious about pet insurance. I've heard that VPI is a popular policy but haven't heard of any others.

Anyone know of a way to add your personal information to your parrot? I know she has the breeder info, just don't want our new baby to get lost. We're considering clipping her wings, but don't want her to be unhappy....Ideas please.


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Dec 25, 2011
I know where you can get I.D. for birds!
by: Christina

Hello, how are you going? :-) I am a reader and I know a website where you can get these fantastic personaised leg rings for birds. I found this website when I was looking for a personalised leg ring for my pigeon. The rings are aluminium and you receive the ring open, and you buy off the same website a special pair of pliers that you use to close the ring around the birds leg so you can even put them on an adult bird. They engrave your name, address, phone number etc into the aluminium band. You need to ask them what size would fit a parrot as they make them in heaps of different sizes. Here is the link to their website

Good luck!!

Dec 24, 2011
Pet Insurance and Personal identificaion for Amazon Parrot
by: Shannara

I am not to sure about insurance for your parrot .

I have have microchip chip protection with all my parrots. The chip is implanted under the skin and resides there as a small non-intrusive and foolproof method of permanently identifying a bird.

This was done with a small injection at your aviary vets office. The inital fee was a little costly and has a lifetime membership but so worth it.

Dec 24, 2011
Parrot insurance!
by: Anonymous

Hello :) pet insurance is a great thing to have, however it is truely only useful if you plan on doing big things such as surgeries and will cover most medications. Lets just hope you never have to under-go those things! So right now I wouldnt reccommend purchasing it. I work at a vet office and the most popular one i see is in fact VPI, but there are others provided by agencies such as ASPCA. To properly register your parrot under your name is to get him Microchipped provided by a company such as Home Again. Inquire about it when you take your new baby to the avian vet. But yes even so, get the wings clipped so there are no accidents. Goodluck with your new feathered family member!!

Dec 24, 2011
Pet Insurance and Personal identificaion for Amazon Parrot
by: Linda

I'm very happy to hear from people who think this much of their parrots, and will try and answer your questions.

First, it does not make a bird unhappy to clip its wings. If you already know how, you can do it or if you don't usually do it, have your Avian Vet clip ONLY THE 4-6 PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS on both wings, and these are the long ones at the ends of each wing. Your bird can then glide to the floor, and there is no pain unless wings are trimmed up higher into the Secondary feathers--this is called butchering the bird and causes chronic pain until feathers grow back in plus bird falls like a rock and can be severely injured.

Talk with your Avian Vet about inserting an ID chip into your birds and see if that would work. The chips go under the skin and are implanted with a syringe. Make sure he says it won't cause any inflammation or anything. If he says okay on it, it is the best way to identify them. The only drawback is that the people who find your bird would HAVE to take it to an Avian Vet or an animal shelter where they have a chip reader. Keeping both birds' wings clipped will ensure that you don't lose them, so you may want to skip the id chips.

I do highly recommend your new bird be checked by the Avian Vet, so have them trim the wings while you're there. It is common for birds to contract bacterial infections when being moved around and coming into contact with many strange birds as these infections are highly contageous. In fact, your other bird can contract the infection by just being in close proximity to your new bird. We recommend Avian Vet checkups before new birds come home to keep from passing on anything they may have to birds already in residence

While at the Avian Vet's talk with them about what kinds of insurance will work for you as they will know more about it than we do. Having health insurance for both your birds can save you a lot of money later if anything drastic happens to either one of them. Services vary depending on what kind of premium you'll pay per month or quarter, however they have it set up. Your Avian Vet will be able to help you with this when you have your bird's exam and wing clipping.

It is an honor to talk with you, and we're always here for you and your precious birds, so don't be a stranger.


Happy Holidays and May We Have Peace on Earth in 2012!

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