Pet Rainbow Lorikeet Pepe flew from open cage door

by Kevin
(Canberra, Australia)

Although I have read some of the questions, I heard from a fellow worker mate that his father was a breeder of Rainbows. Do indoor hand reared escape birds come back home? It's been 18.5 hours now since Pepe flew away and I have been walking the streets at night, without disturbing the neighborhood too much did some whistling at 2am. He's is a friendly bird and the vet has been notified. If the breeder says his Rainbow pet lorikeet came home after 4,5 weeks. I hope others have had good luck.Thanks to all, living in Canberra Australia.

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Dec 22, 2013
Pepe Flew Away
by: Angela

Unfortunately birds kept indoors as pets very rarely come back after flying away. It is impossible for them to navigate the terrain to know where their home is. Much like an indoor cat, once they get out, they cannot find their way home because they never learned the layout of the land. There are other factors to consider in the loss of a bird, they could fall prey to other larger birds or four legged predators or they could have been accepted into a flock of the same breed if they are indiginous to your area. Someone could have taken your bird in not knowing it was a pet that got away, so knock on some of your neighbors doors to check if anyone has seen Pepe. If he does come back, you must take him to an avian vet for a checkup as there are a lot of diseases and bad foods in the wild that pet birds cannot tolerate. Good luck.

Dec 21, 2013
Pet Rainbow Lorikeet Pepe flew from open cage door
by: Linda

Unfortunately, your bird may be gone for good. They usually stay around their home for two to three days and if not caught by then, they fly somewhere else. The problem is that once they fly above the neighborhoods, they lose sight of their home and cannot find way back. Hopefully, someone will feed him because he will land somewhere for food since he's not used to foraging for his food. Make sure you have notices up in the stores and shops you frequent plus notify all animal control people in a 3-5 mile radius. Send them a picture of bird if possible and post one in the shops as well.

I wish you the very best in finding your bird and do not give up hope just yet because he will land somewhere for food, and hopefully, they will call around to see if someone is looking for him.

When and if you get him back, take him to avian vet for his wings to be clipped. Just the 4-6 Primary flight feathers are enough, and they are the long ones at the ends of wings. This will prevent bird from getting enough lift to fly much meaning he will stay home from now on.

Let us know how this goes, and hopefully you will get him back. Linda

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