Petting my B&G Macaw

by Constance
(Rockfrod, IL)

I have a Blue and Gold Macaw that has come from a home of 10 years. I have had him over a week and he will just now get on my arm but is nervous. He will bite at me if I try to touch him. He makes a slight screech when his head comes at me. How can I finally get to touch him? The other owner pet him a lot and he loved it.

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Mar 10, 2012
Petting your bird
by: Anonymous

Tip: Birds retain thier natural instincts from the wild. Birds of prey attack from above.

SO your bird will always be scared if you're trying to pet him when your hand is coming from above the parrots head.

Try petting him but slowly moving your hand to him from the side. Never the top of him. watch body lang to prevent being bitten.
A bird will most likely let you pet his head before he will his back. Once he knows its safe... and hey! I like this... He will allow you little by little to pet down his back.

Tip: Birds are more docile in a dimmly lit room at dusk. Birds roost at dusk, and settle in for the night. THis would be a good time to have quality time with your bird. And prehaps begin a little training.

Also, the bird should be held on your arm, with his head at shoulder height. Birds can become dominant if their head is higher then yours.

Have patience, be presistant.
Good luck.

Mar 09, 2012
Petting new B&G macaw
by: Tracie

Just keep being patient and spending time with the bird. Pay attention to it's body language and learn what it does and doesn't like. Then use what it does like to train him to accept new behaviors you wish the bird would have, like petting.

We have some training articles on our Parrot Training page that will help you with this. The main thing you are doing is establishing trust, then move onto becoming a flock member that the bird wishes to be with.

As you probably already know, keep the bird away from your face, so that if it bites you it can not do permanent damage to your face.

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