picking at underwing feathers

by Patricia
(reno NV)

my 11 yr old blue fronted amazon has recently started picking her right wing underside. when a youngster she fell from her playpen down into the legs of a bar stool and injured that wing. I didnt know at the time this was the case as she quickly recovered, within an hour. but it became evident as time passed, years, that she couldnt fly. the lower joint failed to develop. this was not a problem all these years until the last 6-8 wks when this fussing and wing flipping started. today she has become quite involved in constant apparent discomfort.

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Jul 09, 2011
Hurting bird
by: Tracie

Because your bird seems in pain, you really must get your bird to an avian vet. Dr B can not help, because he can not examine your bird help you know what is wrong and prescribe treatment.

Your bird may need surgery, but it sounds like it for sure needs pain medication that can only be prescribed by a vet.

Please Find an Avian Vet for your bird right away.

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