picky eater

by Yvone Graham
(Chatham Va)

i have a pinous maximillian which i have had for about 9 months now.he is 3-4 yrs old so i don't know much about hs back ground. I am having problems getting him to eat the things he should eat such as veggies, fruit etc. He eats pellets really good and pine nuts. He loves to eat bread, cheese, chips, vanilla wafers so as you can see just junk food that he really should not be eatting. can you give me any suggestions on how to get him to eat his fruits and veggies. Thanks in advance Yvonne Graham

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Sep 25, 2011
Bird likes junk food
by: Tracie

You said your bird eats pellets, that is great! If the bird is eating a good quality pellet, like Harrison's or Roudybush then he is getting all the nutrition he needs. The other 20% of his diet should just be healthy treats, and he doesn't have to have fresh fruit or veggies.

You are in control of his diet, please do NOT feed him junk food at all. There are plenty of healthy treats you can give your bird without poisoning him.

If you are feeding colored pellets or a cheap sugary chemical laden pellet like ZuPreem or Lafebers, then please switch your bird to a quality pellet.

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