Picky eaters

by Vicki M
(Grecia, Costa Rica)

Mango and Ko-ko - yellow collared lovebirds

Mango and Ko-ko - yellow collared lovebirds

I have two 6 month old yellow collared lovebirds. I've had them for about 6 weeks. They are not hand tamed, although we are trying. They will not eat anything but seed. We've tried an assortment of fruit and veggies to no avail.

I live in Costa Rica and just translated the package. It says, "blend for parrots: bird seed, oats, white millet, red millet." It is recommended to complement the feeding of birds, helping them stay healthy." There is also a Analysis of Ingredients on the package. Am I starving them?

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Apr 22, 2013
Thanks Tracie
by: Vicki M

Thanks! I read the link and found it really helpful. I haven't seen pellets for small birds here, but will continue to look.
We are "adopting" a newborn cockatiel (he hatched yesterday!)as soon as he's weened, that will be hand-fed. I'm hoping that Mango and Ko-ko will learn from watching him interact with us. Monkey see, Monkey do.....

Apr 22, 2013
Getting birds to eat pellets or fresh food
by: Tracie

Continue to offer healthy food, it may take a long time for them to decide to eat it. If you can find high quality pellets to feed them, convert them to pellets. Pellets are the only way to make sure the birds are getting a balanced diet because they can't pick and choose what fruits or veggies to eat.

I had a parakeet that was weaned to pellets, and it took me over a year to get that bugger to eat seeds! It wasn't that it didn't like seeds, it just didn't see them as food. Once it finally ate a seed, it was hooked, and I had to only offer them at night after he ate all his pellets.

So persistence is the key here. Go ahead and read this Switching Birds To Pellets article and the Switching Budgies To Pellets article to get ideas on converting your bird to eating anything.

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