Pigeon babies sick

by Jadranka

We raced two one-month-old pigeons since they come into the terrace of public building /the nest was in the garret/. Their mother kept coming from time to time for feeding them, but also we fed them with wholegrain cereals after consultation with experienced pet shop owner. It was the big problem that they didn't drink water, and we tried sometimes to water them by putting carefully water in the beak. Unfortunately, a few days later we found one of kids death. No any external signs... We continued caring for the other kid as mother after that abandoned him and never appeared again.
But we noted something, increased swollen sewer /cloacae/, harden remains of feces /green-yellow colored/ on the sewer opening, and a wound nearby sewer, right in the swollen place. We look for vet help, he told us that chances for survival were low, there is suspicion of prolapsed cloacae and it could not be treated. Where we wrong? Maybe our poor experience of racing pigeons result to their death...
Would you like to answer me, I hope I provide you enough information...

Thank you in advance!

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Sep 05, 2011
Low level English??
by: Anonymous

HI Linda - not to contradict your excellent advice but I belive 'race' was meant to be 'raised'. Low level English?? I think they just found a couple of babies and attempted to care for them. Not sure what the 'sewer' translates to, but guessing something to do with the other end from where the food goes. I do agree that wild babies should be left in their mothers care unless they are totally abandoned - in which case they should be referred to an experienced carer. Just wanted to help

Aug 25, 2011
Pigeon babies sick
by: Linda

Well, racing pigeons are of a certain kind and have to be trained, so you did not do them any good. Do not do this anymore as you are likely to hurt the birds. There is much more involved in racing pigeons than finding some wild birds and attempting to race them. It is a skill that has to be learned and then the correct specis of pigeon has to be found. Takes much study with the help of someone who has much experience with this skill.

There are many diseases and injuries that happen to birds in the wild, so some will die from bad water, bad food or coming into contact with infections. Your interference with the babies may have driven the mother away, so leave wild birds alone as much as you can.

Thanks for writing,

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