Pigeon is at the vet

by christina
(victoria, australia)

Hello :-) We have a flock of piegons who come to our backyard every day and we feed them and give them water and seed and we love them a lot. A few days ago I saw one that looked sick so today I took it to an avain vet. THe avian vet said he has parasites and worms and that he is very very skinny because of all that. My pigeon has to stay at the vets for 2 days to be force fed and looked after as he is not eating. They are also giving him medication for the worms and parasites. The avian vet said that he has a 50% chance to survive but I know he will survive because I am praying for him.

When my pigeon gets better and comes home, what should I do to take care of him? The vet said I should keep him separate from the other birds. I hope he didn't mean forever- did he? The pigeon will be lonely if I put him in a cage forever away from his bird flock and bird family. How long must I keep him separate from the other birds in his flock for? What can I do to prevent the rest of the flock from ever getting these things? Is there something I can put in their water say, to prevent all this? Thanks heaps for your time :-) Kind Regards, from Christina in Australia :-)

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May 13, 2010
Pigeon is at the vet
by: Linda

Wild birds get parasites of all kinds. They also get bacterial and viral infections, and there is nothing you can do to stop that from happening unless you build a VERY LARGE aviary at great expense, and put them all in it for the rest of their lives. This won't insure they all stay healthy, but it will keep some of the parasite problem down if their floor is concrete where they can't dig around in the dirt which is where the worms come from.

The bird you may be bringing home from the Avian Vet will need a big, roomy cage and it needs to be large enough so he can make a short fly from one side of it to the other. He will need to be carefully taken care of for a long time, and maybe forever.

Your heart is big and full of love, and the simple, straightforward facts are that wild birds get sick and die everyday because their world is a dirty one full of germs, bacteria and parasites. This bird would have died if not for you, but if he is able to come home, he'll need to be kept inside in a big cage at least all of Australia's winter as he will be in a very weakened condition. He must be kept out of drafts of all kinds, and this includes being under any ceiling heat vents. Drafts or what we call cross drafts are dangerous for birds because even in the summer they can get pneumonia from sitting in a draft. Wood smoke is also bad for birds, so use those fake logs if you have a fireplace.

This sick bird will need to be carefully fed and watered and given any more medicine vet sends home with you. As I said above, cage needs to be very large with room for him to make short flight from one side to the other. Do not load cage up with toys or anything like that, and he will need natural wood branch perches as that is what he's used to outside.There is a list of safe wood here, and I'd suggest you buy perches already made from pet store. If you cut the wood, it has to come from trees NEVER SPRAYED WITH PESTICIDES OR FERTILIZER as these become part of the tree, and can poison a bird.

Thanks for writing and keep us posted.


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