Pigeon with pimple like spots by the mouth

by Rhode's Pigeons

We raise Valencian Figuritta Pigeons. On one of the young we noticed odd pimple like spots on the outter two corners of the mouth. The bird is still eating and drinking normal and appears healthy, there is no sign of loose stool in the loft.

The first day these spots were noticed the top of the "pimples" we just brshed off of bird. Two days later it was noticed that the "pimples" were back. After looking closer we noticed there was a yellowish gunk in the "pimples" and there was a white core. We were able to pop out the core, but a day later when we rechecked the bird it appears it is coming back.

We are not sure what this is. None of our other birds have this.

We currently have him in a loft with Valencian Figuretta Pigeons, Russian Tumbler Pigeons, and Birmingham Roller Pigeons. We also raise doves in the same shed in a different loft.

Any help that you can give would be much appriciated.


Rhode Pigeons

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Jul 11, 2008
Isolate this bird
by: The Vet

You need to first isolate this bird. Second, find an avian veterinarian that can definitively diagnose this problem and offer some treatment options.

The differentials that I would say your bird could have are pox or Trichomonas. There are other possibilities, but these are the two most likely.

Dr B

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