pigeons eating dust?

by Sana Samad Khan
(Muzaffarabad, Pakistan)

My pigeons eat lots of dust particles, cement and they even start pecking in the garden. even their droplings are very watery, their cage is also wet all the time. Although we clean it after every few days. how can we prevent it? whats the reason? please tell me in detail. and yes, they are absolutely healthy and even produce offspring. They are fine but they eat lots of soil, dust and cement as well.

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Sep 10, 2017
Don't get all wacky about
by: Eberhardt Kalmar Huhn

I swear, you people are seriously anxiety ridden. If I feed my pigeons something out of the ordinary, i.e., something that isn't in their diet of grains and grit, then they get watery stool. Within a day it's back to normal. Some people don't understand how food affects poop consistency, or even regularity. Consequently, some people who think any kind of food is ok for pigeons end up having pigeons with diarrhea all the time. Pigeons are natural grain eaters, and that the best food for them. Anything outside of a wide variety of mixed grains cannot be considered part of their ideal and optimal diet...

As to what your pigeon is eating... this sounds a lot like the human condition of Pica: Humans that are deficient in iron tend to crave unusual non food sources - some which will may provide iron, and some that will not. People with iron deficiency might chew on plastic, or ice, which won't provide any nutrition. On the other hand, they may crave dirt. Certain types of dirt will provide many nutrients including iron, but dirt can also carry parasitic eggs (intestinal worms, etc.)

The point is, I think your pigeons may have a Pica type craving. Put vitamin supplements into their water, and see if it goes away. They are inexpensive (less than 10 USD for a few ounces, but you might have to order a shipment in Pakistan). If you are racing the pigeons, then they will have all of the nutritional needs that athletes do: higher food intake, and supplemental additives.

Here's a good place to order from: http://www.siegelpigeons.com/catalog-tonics.html

May 14, 2010
Pigeons eating dirt
by: The Avian Vet

Pigeons need grit to digest their food. So they eat dirt and other grit to help with digestion. Cement may not be the best thing so if you can offer them something better such as commercial grit then that is better.

The loose droppings are likely unrelated, but is significant. Watery droppings can be caused by many things such as egg laying, bacterial infection, viral infections, and other. You should have a veterinarian look at your birds.

Dr B

May 12, 2010
Tell me some medicine
by: Sana

I am sure you've read that I am from Pakistan and I kind of live in an are where vets are almost immpossible. Can you please suggest some home remedies or some medicines. Please tell me!!

May 11, 2010
pigeons eating dust?
by: Linda

Okay, straight to the point. Your birds are NOT HEALTHY, and they are sick is why the droppings are so runny and wet. They all need to be taken to an Avian(bird) vet to be diagnosed as to what kind of bacterial infection/parasite they have and then treated with medicine appropriate for the infection/parasite.

Eating soil leads to worms, and eating cement leads to poisoning, so your birds are in desperate need of an Avian Vet. We discourage taking birds to regular dog and cat vets as they are not licensed and trained in caring for birds, and birds are difficult to treat because they have no fat and hollow bones and all. So try and find an Avian vet in your area even if it means driving a ways to get birds to them.

Your birds probably have worms, so they'll need to also be checked for that. Worm eggs can usually be found in the droppings so take a few FRESH samples when you go to vet.

Again, your birds are sick and will eventually die if not treated. Just because they are eating now is not a sign of health. In fact, they will most likely go off feed as they become sicker and then death is right around the corner.

Thanks for writing and let us know how everything goes.


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